Saturday, July 01, 2006

Achieve: Ask - Listen - Learn - Believe - Act

I want to do things right on this blog. Asking questions begins that process. Anyone who has any comments about what this blog needs should feel free to speak up. I love criticism, suggestions, ideas, or anything else that would improve what I want to do here.

And that is...motivate businesses selling and serving products and services to the general public to get their act together. Specifically businesses that appear to be trying to be one of the best, but just don't get it. Multi-location companies that try to have a team-focused, excellence-driven, "something special" culture, yet they fail to deliver because when their customers judge, consciously and unconsciously, everything the see, hear, smell, and "feel" when they enter their selling or serving environments, things aren't held to high standards.

I love the thrill of an exceptional customer service experience. It doesn't happen often, but It is so much fun being sold and/or served by friendly, excited, enthusiastic, and energetic sales and customer service personnel.

The problem with the leadership and management of many sales and customer service teams is that they don't believe they have a problem with their employees, sales, or service.


zinger said...

Hi Dave,
I just found your blog. I really appreciate the brevity and conviction in your posts. I also found the links to other resources quite helpful. I will add your blog to my bloglines and I will return to visit in more depth. Keep up the fine work to make work engaging.

Dave Sovde said...

Hi zinger,
Thank you for the encouraging comments. Your post was greatly appreciated both for it's timing and the fact that, when I first saw your leadership blog a couple of months ago, the description of it was truly thrilling to read. It is spot on about what it takes to create a win-win employment experience.