Tuesday, August 08, 2006

OneByOne Team Achievement "System"

I have a number of people ask me, in the past few weeks, what exactly is my business.

This is the front page
http://www.OneByOneTeamAchievement.com of my website. It covers the benefits of my team achievement program which separates businesses from the competition with a system that is easily adapted to any team leadership style.

Michael E. Gerber, in
The E-Myth Revisited, speaks at length about the value of a system. He is definitely on point when he says, "And just as in the hotel we've visited, it is the system, not only the people, that will differentiate your business from everyone else's. Imagine trying to produce such a consistent result without a system! Imagine each manager in each of your future stores doing his or her own thing."

Managers doing their own thing is the way that most sales and customer service organizations are led and managed. They don't have a system, so they just accept the status quo of continual management and frontline personnel.

Frontline Sales or Customer Service Team Leaders: Optimize Your Revenues and Your Reputations

OneByOne Team Achievement is guaranteed to transform a sales or customer service staff into a unique, uncommon, and unconventional team with "Best of the Best" motivation, mindsets, methods, and mission that will:

Set High Standards and Goals For Individuals, Teams, and Businesses
Develop or Attract, Energize, and Retain Entire TEAMS of Memorable Achievers
Guarantee Exceptional Attitudes, Work Habits, Sales, Service, and Team Skills
Create the Contagious Energy of Team Pride, Spirit, Synergy and Chemistry
Optimize First-visit Results, Repeats, Referrals, Revenues and Reputations
Minimize Turnover Expense: Personnel Advertising, Training and Learning Curves
Eliminate Personnel Mediocrity, Excuses, Indecision, Laziness, Favoritism, Cronyism
Prevent Cliques, Apathy, Indifference, Controversy, Blame, Dissension, Boredom

Frontline team leaders make the difference. Is there a better return on investment than learning how to create, energize, lead, and retain an entire TEAM of sincere, friendly, and memorable frontline sales or customer service personnel?

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