Thursday, May 25, 2006

Do these conferences actually create excellence?

I get a reminder of this Sales Leadership Conference in my in box about every three or four days. I truly hope these go well for the attendees. I hope something they learn gets passed on the the folks at lower levels and it actually improves their organizations and the experience of their employees and customers.

Another one,
Leadership Conference, just arrived this morning. It will, if it can deliever on the sales pitch, rapidly change organizations with cultures, systems, and new software that is going to really, finally, get a company up to speed in sales and service excellence.

The ads for these are exciting, but how often does reality come close to their claims of improvement? Do they lead to excellence? The testimonials rave about them, but why does it seem like the same people give testimonials year after year?

Speading the word on excellence is what I hope to do with this blog. It has one topic. How to become the best of the best as a frontline team leader. How to create teams that are among the best of the best. How to personally have the motivation, mindsets, and methods for getting everyone to love working together and contributing to the success (passion) of the organization.


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