Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Keep it Simple, Make it Fun, Make it Memorable

I live downtown Seattle two blocks from the Pike Place Market. Right under the sign, is the Pike Place Fish Market which has been the topic of a plethora of books about having fun on the job. Fish!, Fish! Tales, Fish! for Life, Fish Sticks, Catch!, and-one of the few books I recommend that frontline team leaders buy-When Fish Fly:Lessons for Creating a Vital Energized Workforce from the World Famous Pike Place Fish Market.

Every day I see the crew in action. A daily show for their fans.

An entire team of memorable top achievers. None got their job through politics, favoritism, nepotism, or good ol' boy network. It's all about ability and making an impression that inspires people to remember, return, and recommend.

Hard working, smiling, energetic, excited, and enthusiastic employees making a challenging job an entertaining game, day after day, one by one.


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