Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Just Imagine an Entire Team of Top Achievers

It's been a long day of learning how not to do things with my new toy. (I'll save the good stuff until tomorrow.)

My business, and this blog, is about how to create an entire team of frontline achievers. (When my book is published, I'll expand that to any organization, but right now it's all about sales and customer service teams.)

This is the deal. A sales staff with ten top achievers-in a staff of ten-will generate more revenues than one with less than ten. A service staff with ten memorable top achievers-in a staff of ten-will generate more repeats, referrals, and revenues than a staff with less than ten.

If you understand that simple concept you are in a small group because most managers are comfortable with letting the principles of the 80/20 Rule determine their daily tasks-recruit, train, recruit, train-and using it as an excuse for not having an entire team of quality achievers.

That's what I do. Show people how to get everyone to buy into an exciting, enjoyable team building project focused on creating entire teams of top achievers and teams (businesses) that are among the best of the best, if not the best.

One location or one hundred, it's all about learning, teamwork, and achievement.

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