Saturday, June 03, 2006

Leadership is the always the difference...

Well now, the moment of truth has arrived. Once again I loaded up the wagons and took off without giving much thought to the blind horses. As a solo operation, until my partner can quit his day job, that happens a lot. C'est sera, sera.

I've been reading about what goes into creating and maintaining a business blog. I’ve spent the last two weeks with the insights and opinions of Naked Conversations, Blogwild, and Blogging. I enjoyed them all, but now I have to follow their advice or come up with a better way than they suggest.

This weekend I am finally going to market my business. I am going to expose myself to a huge market that needs my help, but I have no idea if they want help becoming the best of the best.

I am also going to send it to my friends, many of which I met through my employment experience, because I want them to know I am still talking about the same things.

It just makes sense. The hours spent at a sales or customer service location busting your butt all day long for a commission, or just to keep your job, are the same whether you are going through the same motions every day or every day is the excitement and energy of being a part of a frontline team that is truly special. An entire team of achievers who love working together.

Another long day or a day of learning, improving, and achieving.

So the “follow their advice or come up with a better way” question has me pondering why I have a blog. Number one it is honey to There is no number two, but I'd be thrilled if people choose one of the programs I have listed. (As of this moment, none of them know my business exists or that I recommend them.)

In sales and customer service, leadership is the difference. Leadership that attracts.

Fact: I have never advertised for personnel because my teams were also responsible for recruiting potential achievers (Qualifications: Like to have fun and have a friendly personality.)

So, here we go. I have no idea if anyone is actually reading all the headlines about the value of engaged employees. My business, OneByOne Team Achievement, is an employee engagement program. It is like nothing you could imagine. It is simple. Everyone gets it. It is in their best interests to go back to work and make something of themselves. Team Leaders, managers, and frontline personnel doing their part to help each other.


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